Looking to give your next interstate or overseas visitors an epic experience to remember? From the magic of a crystal waterfall to sleeping under a million-star sky to stepping into a lighthouse island adventure, there are so many incredible nature destinations to explore in NSW national parks. But with stunning ancient rainforest, fresh alpine country, tall coastal forests and the mystique of the desert all calling your name, how do you choose where to go?

We’re here to help with this shortlist of seven spots that will totally wow your visitors.

For an awe-inspiring nature experience close to Sydney, head to the Blue Mountains to check out the new Grand Cliff Top Walk. The two-day expedition is a great way to take in the highlights of this World Heritage-listed area.

Whatever experience you choose, you can be certain to leave a lasting impression on your visitors by introducing them to the unique beauty of NSW national parks. Not only will you create epic memories, you’ll also give them something to brag about when they return home. To find more places to explore visit the NSW National Parks website.

National parks are natural and unpredictable environments. We want you and your visitors you’re showing around to have a great time in our national parks. Before you go, tell someone (who’s not with you) fill in a trip intention form, plan for all weather conditions and check park alerts for any closed parks and safety alerts. Find more bushwalking safety tips here.