Ever wanted to take your bike riding to the next level? The Thredbo Valley Track (TVT), in Kosciuszko National Park, is the perfect intro into the thrill of mountain biking.

Novice or advanced, it’s just about unmatched when it comes to mountain biking fun through some of Australia’s highest terrain.

Aerial view of a family of four riding the Thredbo Valley Track.

Family-friendly mountain bike ride

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

Rob Mulally/DPIE (2019)

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Two people riding on the Thredbo Valley Track

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

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Time to dust off the MTB

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

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We all know the Snowies have a rep for snow sports, but amongst those in the know it’s always been a hotspot for mountain bike riding; especially in November when its time to dust off the bike, grab your crew and hit the tracks for first laps of the season.

Got a mountain bike? Perfect. If not, bike, gear and helmet hire is available from Thredbo ResortLake Crackenback Resort is another option to get you geared up, and you’ll find places in Jindabyne like Sacred ride and Gravity Jindabyne that rent gear too.

To find the bike track, head to Thredbo village, five hours drive from Sydney or 30 minutes from Jindabyne. The Thredbo Valley Track starts from Friday Drive, in Thredbo, on your right, before the roundabout.

People peering over the bridge to look at the Thredbo Valley river below, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Rob Mulally/DPIE

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

Rob Mulally/DPIE (2019)

Bridge 5, Thredbo Valley TrackKosciuszko National Park

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The full track weaves 35.1km (one-way) downhill through the incredible sub-alpine landscape, between huge granite boulders and towering old gums ending at Gaden Trout Hatchery. Starting at the top, you’ll spend most of the ride curving down the sides of the valley, rolling down hills, zig-zagging your way to the Old Ranger station and passing through Ngarigo and Thredbo Diggings campgrounds (pro tip: they make great pit stops). Riding the hard-packed rocky path will test your thighs and backside (saddle soreness is real), but the gravel offers a great surface to test your mad skills, and custom-built suspension bridges (spoiler: there’s six) will take you over the river running below you.

How you tackle the track is completely up to you and your crew. With shorter, easier ride or adventurous, technical ride options the track can be completed in sections that suit your (or crew’s) level of experience. 

Just remember it’s a shared use track, so take care and expect to pass the occasional trout-carrying fisherman, enthusiastic hiker or riders coming the other way.


Confident riders can tackle it solo or even better with a group. The odd uphill and switchbacks of the Ngarigo to Diggings section will keep advanced riders happy. Keen and fit? There’s always the option to take the 70.2km round trip (Thredbo village to Gaden Trout Hatchery). Be warned – we recommend starting from Thredbo for a reason. The track is way more of an uphill battle this way though.

If the round trip is too daunting there’s also a shuttle bus, that takes you (and your bike) up the mountain to Thredbo village, to the start of the track. Ride the track at your own pace to the finish at Lake Crackenback resort (1km from Bullocks Flat). Otherwise, a guided tour is a great way to get to grips with your technique and keep your grip with the path!

Ranger tip: be prepared for all conditions, ride safely and responsibly with our mountain biking and cycling safety tips.

A person riding on the lower thredbo valley track

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

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Fancy yourself a gravity junkie? Get your fix on Thredbo Mountain Bike Park’s gravity trails.

Aerial view of two guys riding the Thredbo Valley Track

Thredbo Valley trackKosciuszko National Park

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Aerial view of two guys riding the final bridge of the Lower Thredbo Valley track

Lower Thredbo Valley track, Gadens Trout HatcheryKosciuszko National Park

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Taking on gravity not your thing, but still eager for thrills? The extended Thredbo Valley track downstream from Bullocks Flat was made for you. The additional 18.4km lower Thredbo Valley Track stretch to Gaden Trout Hatchery is a challenging section, packed with technical parts (incl. high berms, rocky surfaces, and steep parts) as it follows the river down through remote sub-alpine landscapes. Yewww!

The lower Thredbo Valley Track is recommended only for physically fit, experienced and well-equipped riders. This extension is remote, there are no exit points or facilities until you reach the trout hatchery, off Kosciuszko Road.

People mountain biking and stopping for a break, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Boen Ferguson/DPIE


Dead Horse Gap Kosciuszko National Park

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The Thredbo Valley Track offers options for riders of all levels, to start your journey from zero to hero.