Obviously the Snowy Mountains attract winter sports fans in droves: the scenery is beaut and the snow is excellent. But it turns out most of us are sleeping on the opportunity to hit the Snowies in summer, which sees it turn all adventure, minus the crowds.

  • Get higher than you’ve ever been

    The National Park mountain range – aka The Snowies – is the highest in our great southern land, boasting five of the highest mountains in the continent (literally huge).

    Summitting Mount Kosciuszko is the natural highlight: a four-hour round trip from the Thredbo Chairlift will take you to the highest peak in the country (2228m). Umm, 360-degree views over glorious greenery? Talk about King of the Hill.

  • Hook a monster

    Time to share a well-kept secret: the waterways around the Snowy River have some of the best trout fishing in the country. Major lakes like Jindabyne and Eucumbene have shallow bays and wide waters to cast your line in, not to mention a Bond-esque mountain range to frame pictures of your catch of the day.

    To try your hand at fly fishing Thredbo River or Bullocks Hut are great spots. Go further afield to the northern end of Kosciuszko where you’ll be treated with a variety of places to, “drop in a line” such as the Blowering, Tantangra or Talbingo dams. Of course, there’s also the mighty Murray and the Murrumbidgee river. No gear? Most fishing spots offer guided beginner lessons, so catching and cooking dinner over an open fire is definitely on the cards.

    We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time in our national parks. If you’re planning a day out fishing, please read our fishing safety tips.

  • Hang on the crystal waters

    A balmy day floating on the river is exactly how the Aussie summer should be spent. Keep it chill by canoeing and kayaking around Lake Jindabyne with your mates (bringing waterproof speakers is never a bad idea to help your paddle keep a beat), or pick up the pace and your heart rate with windsurfing or wakeboarding. Both are excellent for making a splash in your summer. Pro tip: wakeboarding requires more core strength and coordination than you’d think, making it the perfect way to get shredded.

  • Cave in

    North Glory Cave entrance.

    Yarrangobilly CavesKosciuszko National Park

    M Vanderveer / OEH

    Climbing, caving and abseiling? These classic adventure activities are a lot more accessible in the summer when the caves are clear of snow and the icy air won’t sap the feeling from your fingers. Ledges to haul yourself over, gaps to squeeze through and drops to sail down can be found from the Snowy Mountains down to Canberra. Jindabyne Rock is conveniently close to the lake and Signature Rocks offers climbs for beginners to pros. Experienced operators like K7 can walk you through them.

    Wanna take the effort out of caving? Get up close on a guided tour through Jillabenan Cave. It may be the smallest of the Yarrangobilly Caves show caves, but with its impressive display of delicate straws and shawls, cave coral, stalactites and helictites it’s a show-stopper.

  • You can ring my bell

    Celebrate your time in Mount Kosciuszko National Park

    Kosciuszko National Park

    Boen Ferguson / Instagram @boenferguson

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    The Snowies – being hilly, rocky and rugged – are perfect to cruise down on bikes. Depending on your skills, there are trails in Thredbo, like the Thredbo Valley Track and the more extreme Cannonball Downhill. They range from seven kilometres to a full-day adventure. Lake Crackenback, Bungarra and Lake Jindabyne all have other trails worth exploring as well. Crushing trails then cooking damper over a campfire with mates? Sounds like just what your summer plans are missing.

  • Cool climate, hot drops

    While the drink of choice in Thredbo during ski season is a mulled wine, winding down after hiking or canoeing around the parks calls for something a little lighter and a little cooler. Vineyards Courabyra Wines and Tumbarumba Wines are a three hour trip away from Jindabyne, while Snowy Vineyard Estate is a half an hour drive. If wine isn’t your thing, situated in the heart of the high country (between Jindabyne and Thredbo) and 22km from Mt Kosciuszko, Wildbrumby is the highest distillery in Australia. All have pristine views, but who are we kidding? You’re here for the wine or a quality drop.