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JOMO is the new FOMO

You’re at home, tapping through Instagram, when boom - it hits you. A feeling that you’re missing out on something better, cooler and infinitely more fun than your current situation. FOMO, the “fear of missing out”, is easily triggered by the social media accounts of not just friends, but celebs and influencers whose literal job is to make you believe that whatever they’re doing is more exciting than your current situation. We’re beginning to reflect on issues like FOMO as one of the negative effects of our hyper-connected world. Research psychologist Andrew Przybylski found that FOMO is a driving force behind social media use and that FOMO levels are highest in young people, and young men in particular. And hey, when former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya says he won’t let his own kids use social media because the “short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works”, you know that there’s probably a downside to all this posting and scrolling we’re doing, fun as social media can be.   We all want to experience life to the fullest, but constantly caving to FOMO can be really exhausting. One solution to the anxiety and dissatisfaction induced by staring at other people’s curated lives for too long is to embrace JOMO: the “joy of missing out”. Here are five ways you can cultivate some serious JOMO by slowing down and spending time in nature.

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  • Friends on a road trip to Mungo National Park. Photo: Melissa Findley/OEH

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    Must do itineraries for day trips and multi-day adventures

  • Person setting up a tent at Newnes campground, Wollemi National Park. Photo: Daniel Tran/DPIE

    Camping & Cottages

    Sleep under the stars or unwind in a rustic cabin or historic cottage

  • Breadknife and Grand High Tops walk, Warrumbungle National Park. Photo: Rob Mulally/DPIE

    Hiking & Bushwalks

    From leisurely strolls to blood pumping hikes, there’s a nature trail just for you.

  • A family in two canoes paddles down the Murray River, Murray Valley National Park. Photo: Boen Ferguson/DPIE


    Canoeing, kayaking, canyoning or a spot of picnicking, anyone?

  • Person pointing at a small mushroom on a tree, Werrikimbe National Park. Photo: Rob Mulally/DPIE

    Nature & Wellness

    Nature makes us feel great. Learn about plants and animals and how you can help us protect them

  • NPWS field officer in light rain. Photo: Branden Bodman/OEH

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    Essential know-how to get the best out of your visit

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