We all know the benefits of camping. You get back to nature, you unplug from the real world, you often sleep better and you get some exercise. But with all this extra activity comes an insatiable hunger that must be satisfied, and satisfied quick! In the past, camping food may have gotten a bad rap. Too hard, too boring or too slow to make. But camping food doesn’t have to be tricky, nor does it have to be boring. Here are our top picks for simple and quick, yet delicious foods you can make on your next trip out bush.

Ranger’s Tip: Before you get cooking, be sure to check our guide to camping safety and for any fire bans.

  • Get bready for deliciousness

    Campfire damper bread baked on sticks over the fire. Photo: Stocksy


    There aren’t many things yummier than freshly baked bread but alas, most campers waste their time with Wonder White. Skip the packaged stuff and make your own warm, spongy and filling Aussie damper. Just mix four cups of self-raising flour with a cup and a half of milk (or water) and chuck in a teaspoon of salt. Mix up the dough and wrap it around the ends of some longish sticks that are about as thick as your thumb. Char them over an open fire and tuck in! Nom, nom, nom.

  • Brew it like a bushranger

    Coffee mug next to a campfire. Photo: Unsplash


    It’s true, your regular barista is not there to kick start your morning, but don’t panic… campfire coffee is just as delicious, plus you’ll have a feeling of achievement by creating it yourself! If you haven’t packed a French press (our favourite method of camp brewing), your next best bet is ‘cowboy coffee’. Boil some water in a pot and then throw in some coffee grounds: a tablespoon per cup of water should do it. Once it’s a nice, deep brown, splash some cold water into the pot. This will force the grounds to the bottom of the pot so you can pour out a smooth brew.

  • The full Aussie cook up

    Fried eggs on portable camping stove. Photo: Stocksy


    A campsite barbecue is perfect for a big fry-up breakfast! Cook eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and even baked beans directly on the hot plate for a delicious barbecue taste. Make sure you clean it up afterwards though – it can make a mess which isn’t ideal for other campers. If you’re super organised, you may have packed a portable stove or hot plate. In this case, you’ll need to bring a frying pan to cook your big breaky. It may seem like a pain but the deliciousness will be worth it.

  • Simple snags on the barbie

    Sausages on stick held over flame. Photo: Unsplash


    Treat yourself to the easiest and possibly most rewarding of camp meals, the humble sausage sandwich – no Bunnings trip required. Just skewer a couple of sausages with a sturdy stick and hold them over an open flame till the outside is nice and charred and the inside is soft. Now it’s time to break out the damper you have left over from this morning and lather on some tomato sauce. Simple perfection.

  • The bush burrito

    Dinner by a campfire in a NSW national park. Photo: Tim Clark

    Tim Clark @timclark1

    If you’re feeling extra fancy, or simply dying for something remotely healthy after all those snags and bacon, try the bush burrito. Grab your portable camp stove and fry up garlic and onion, add fresh diced tomato and capsicum (red and yellow for colour), lime zest, a can of black beans and burrito seasoning. Once cooked, it’s time to pull this baby together. Spoon onto your tortilla wraps, add avo (or fresh made guac for that extra foodie zing), jalapeños, coriander and a squeeze of fresh lime juice and bravo – a delicious and healthy burrito fit for a camp king.