Welcome to Part 2. Your NSW national parks Instagram Bucket List just doubled in size (#sorrynotsorry) – it’s two times the reasons to get out there and explore NSW’s stunning national parks. Here are eight more of our favourite moments from your #NSWParks adventures, so get out there and experience these all-time good times.

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    The perfect sunrise

    Just like the perfect sunset, but better. Why? You’ve got the whole day ahead of you. Double up with a sunset too if you like. Just remember to put down the camera and soak up the epic view… before it’s too late.

    Ranger’s Tip: Hiking in the dark can be dangerous. Make sure you’re properly equipped, or catch sunrise from a spot that’s quick and easy to get to.

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    Follow the leader


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    That snap to show off your intimate trip away with bae. This one’s for the lovers, because those who hike together stay together.

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    The secret spot

    The sweet serenity of a spot that you know and love. That secret place you go to have some alone time, the place you escape the crowds to. You know better than to geotag this one. But sometimes it’s just too good to not send your friends wild over.

    Ranger’s Tip: There’s plenty of secret spots around, just remember to stay on the tracks.

  • 4/7

    Peace, love and nature

    The peace sign. It’s like smiling with your hands. Our parents flashed it every ten seconds in their hippie heyday, so send nature (and your followers) some love and throw up those deuces. Namaste or nama-slay? Find nature and own your moment of peace.

  • 5/7

    View out your tent door

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    ‘Hello Sunday morning’ never looked so good than when you wake up surrounded by scenic wonders. Birds, waves, the crisp forest air – good morning Mother Nature. Salute the sun and celebrate the fact that you woke up amongst epic nature. Be sure not to fake this one though – you don’t want to end up in the Insta trash-can that is #youdidnotsleepthere.

  • 6/7

    Feet up in nature

    Boots, bare-foot, sandals, sneakers – what’s on your feet says a lot about your personality. And that’s what Instagram’s about – showing the world your true colours. And the best part is, beneath your shoes is the epic nature you’re exploring.

  • 7/7

    Outstretched Arms

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    Titanic – the original outstretched arms shot. Sometimes nature just has that effect – Leo felt it when faced with endless ocean. If you’re feeling it too, let loose and shout ‘I’m the King of the world!’

There it is. The challenge has been extended. Accept, and your mind, body and soul (plus your Instagram followers) will thank you for it. Remember to tag #NSWParks and spread the love.