So, you think your Insta game’s strong? Let’s see how many of these you can tick off. Here’s the official NSW National Parks Instagram Bucket List Challenge. Step 1: go to a NSW national park. Step 2: post these shots and tag #NSWParks. Step 3: watch the likes flow like Fitzroy Falls, and challenge your friends to do the same. Easy!

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    The all-time view


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    You love taking them, we love seeing them (let’s be honest, everyone loves an epic view up in their feed). Take yourself to the best lookout, get those giddy feels only a mind-blowing view can give, and capture the money shot. Take it to the next level and hike out for a few hours or camp overnight – half the joy’s in the journey. P.S. Don’t forget to put down the camera, breathe deep and take it all in – the camera won’t capture how amazing these experiences are.

    Ranger Tip: Wide open spaces tend not to have any barriers and strong gusts of wind can sweep through making there areas unsafe. We recommend staying 5m back from any edge, we get it – that all time view and Insta snap is spectacular but it’s still not worth your life. 

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    Squad goals

    What makes for the best squad goals shots? Framing them with an epic view. This one’s about celebrating with friends that you’ve just conquered a long hike, a big hill, or maybe just that you’re together. Nature’s enjoyed best with your full squad of mates – it’s banter, jokes, and laughs all the way to the top.

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    The epic waterfall

    Everyone loves waterfalls. It’s a good thing NSW has a tonne of them. They’re all over the state and heaps are close to Sydney. So go waterside and capture the greatness. You might even feel the need to get wet in nature’s shower.

    Ranger’s Tip: Waterfalls can be dangerous, so make sure you stay on the tracks, watch out for slippery rocks, and never climb or jump off the waterfalls. Check out more  info on water safety and remember to always stay safe.

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    The foodie shot

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    If you didn’t post it, did you truly cook it? Of course you did, but there’s something special about campsite cook-ups – the authenticity. It’s real. Plus, food tastes better when flames are involved – the rustic, charred, smoky flavours. The best thing here is you get to devour your delicious creations right after tapping ‘Share’.

    Ranger’s Tip: Sometimes there are fire bans and at many campsites you need to BYO fuel. Always check the park regulations and warnings before you plan a camp fire.

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    The perfect sunset

    It happens every single day but how often do you actually see, let alone get a shot of this? Sunsets in nature are spellbinding events. The hypnotic, ever-changing colours reel you in and go on and on until the last drops of light fade to starlight.

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    Back in action

    Cute shot = toned back + awesome view. This one’s about showing off – not only do you do activewear but you are active. Plus, you’re checking in on top of a mountain you’ve just conquered. It’s the fitspo version of a tops off shot. Why not?

  • 7/8

    Your camp setup spot

    Seasoned campers will know what we’re talking about here. Show the world your home away from home – that special spot you’ll be laying your head tonight. Friends won’t be jealous staring at their white walls? Nah, didn’t think so.

  • 8/8

    Heart hands

    Once you’ve bagged every other shot, there’s only one left. You swore you’d never do it, but once you’re in an incredible national park setting you might just get the feeling. Go on, show nature and your followers some love with a <3 sign.

Got all eight ticked off?  Be sure to tag #NSWParks and we’ll be on the lookout to repost. So get adventuring, get posting and let the likes roll on…