Forget the footy season, it’s whale migration time across Australia! We’re bringing you all the info on what it is, why it happens and where you can get amongst the action!

Guided by hosts Vanessa Pirotta (Ph.D. Student, cetacean conservation) and Mansoor Noor (cetacean enthusiast), The Breach will break down the top stats and facts of these all star, all weather players (whales) and highlight the hotspots to see them in NSW national parks this season (May – November).

  • Episode 1 - Whale-come


    For real time updates whenever a whale is swimming near you, download the ‘Wild About Whales’ app.

  • Episode 2 – Facts and Stats

    To get the most out of your whale watching experience you need the four ‘W’s: ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘whales’!

  • Episode 3 - Migaloo Special

    It’s an all-Migaloo extravaganza – who is he, where does he come from, and what’s with the all-white jersey?

  • Episode 4 - Whale Love

    It’s time to get a little sexu-whale and explore the ins and outs of whale love!