Get yourself into some beachside yoga classes or self-guided savasana, both known for their benefits to your fitness as well as your overall health: it’s a useful tool for managing stress, moods and more.

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    Loose hips seek ships

    Seb Ruiz / Instagram @sebruizphoto

    We think we’ve found the cure to your digital fatigue, and that’s a yoga retreat on Manly’s North Head, part of the ridiculously spectacular Sydney Harbour National Park. What’s the opposite of sitting at a desk, brain buzzing with to-do lists and responsibilities? Probably basking in the sights and sounds of the open ocean – limbs more limber than they’ve ever been – right? After being incredulous that this place actually even exists, we started putting aside some dosh for this luxe two-and-a-bit day experience that puts the humble day spa to shame.

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    A royal retreat

    A duo doing handstands over rock pools

    Seb Ruiz / Instagram @sebruizphoto

    Okay, so we know that you could head into Royal National Park anytime you wanted to do some epic park yoga. The possibilities are endless: drive out on the weekend and do some backbends while you listen to the calming trickle of a waterfall (nature’s meditation music), or don a skimpy cozzie while you do headstands on the beach, if you really want to flex. Another option shooting for a much deeper yogi experience. Book a jaunt with Yoga Mandir at their annual January retreat in Govinda Valley, which runs for five days and includes twice-daily tuition plus food and accommodation. How’s the serenity?

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    Art and Ashtanga

    Wentworth Falls Beach

    Wentworth Falls BeachBlue Mountains National Park

    D Finnegan / OEH

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    The Blue Mountains is a classic escape for Sydneysiders, being so close-at-hand, but at the same time a million years away from the city’s hustle. Hit up Wild Valley Art Park for its Ashtanga yoga. The spot sells itself: it’s set on a picturesque property in Wentworth Falls, with a sculpture park that makes for a welcome stroll when you’re feeling that post-yoga chill.