Feeling tired, unmotivated, and generally over it? All Netflix and no chill? Being constantly glued to desks, phones and computers will break a person. We’re not wired for this, we are humans. But don’t panic, you can reboot anytime, and nature is the perfect place to do it. Follow our hot tips and you’ll be energised and refreshed in no time.

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    There’s nothing more rejuvenating than taking time out from technology. Try a digital detox  by putting down your phone and computer and checking out what’s happening on Planet Earth. Many national parks have no mobile reception and Depot Beach on the NSW south coast is a perfect example. The beachside campground has absolutely zero mobile phone reception, so when you wake up to the sound of the ocean and native wildlife, spend your days swimming, snorkelling and relaxing with a book on the golden sand, you’ll forget all about Instagram.

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    Studies show that something transformational happens when we go camping. We get away from our usual routine and forget about the things we normally depend on, forcing us to relax and unwind. It’s a cleansing process.

    Good news is there are hundreds of camping spots all throughout NSW and plenty on Sydney’s doorstep. If you’re not an experienced camper – or this is your first time going bush, the great outdoors is on Sydney’s doorstep at places like The Basin Campground at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, just 90 mins from the CBD. Not only is The Basin Campground right by the beach but it also offers hot showers, toilets and other basic amenities like picnic tables, water and BBQs. Bonus: we also made a list of easy camping hacksIf you’re a bit more experienced, you might want to know how to camp like a boss or do a multi-day hike. There are plenty of more remote places to check out.

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    It’s well known that swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga and it can even be meditative for the mind. Head to a secluded and magical swimming paradise in national parks like Erskine Creek in Blue Mountains National Park or Kingfisher Pool in Heathcote National Park. These swimming holes are easy to find and provide plenty of opportunities for swimming, lounging and exploring. Once you take a dip in one of these gems, your mind and your body will thank you for it.  

    Pro tip: Do your research before you visit and make sure you’re prepared for the location you’re heading to. Bring at least two litres of water per person, a hat and sunscreen, and avoid walking in the hottest part of the day. Check for alerts on our website before you visit. Take extra care when swimming after rain, and always check for water depth and hidden objects before entering any water.

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    If you’re serious about replenishing your mind and body after a busy year, there’s no better way than to get your blood pumping and your body working.

    Try a hike on one of the many glorious walking tracks in national parks – like the Birrawanna walking track  in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, or Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay for an easier stroll close to the Sydney CBD (that’s also suitable for kids).

    If you’re not so into hiking, but do like the outdoor exercise idea try kayaking, cycling, stand-up-paddle boarding or outdoor yoga. Being outside, working up a sweat and making the most of the outdoors will work wonders for your wellness.