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Holding binoculars looking for waterfalls
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Branden Bodman, 2017 Do go chasing waterfalls

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  • Sunset at the Walls of China

      @mitch.cox, 2017

    Mungo National Park

    Walls of China

    500 Points

    6 Check Ins

    World Heritage listed and way older than China's Great Wall.

    Be sure to book a ranger tour so you can get up close and personal with this spiritual place.

    📍 Walls of China

  • Breadknife and Grand High Tops walk

      Robert Mulally, 2018

    Warrumbungle National Park

    The Breadknife

    450 Points

    14 Check Ins

    "That's not a knife. This is a knife." THE BREADKNIFE in Warrumbungle National Park.

    📍 The Breadknife

  • Sawn Rocks

      @servus_from, 2017

    Mount Kaputar National Park

    Sawn Rocks

    400 Points

    9 Check Ins

    Have you Sawn this Organ Rock Formation yet?
    Some organ pipes may be broken but it will still blow your mind.

    📍 Sawn Rocks

  • Yarrangobilly Caves

      @kate_miles_, 2017

    Kosciuszko National Park

    Jillabenan Cave

    350 Points

    1 Check Ins

    One of Kosci's best kept secrets lies underground. These million year old caves can't wait for ever.

    📍 Yarrangobilly Caves

  • Ebor Falls

      @miss__mcdonald, 2017

    Guy Fawkes River National Park

    Ebor Falls

    300 Points

    19 Check Ins

    Our top pick from the Waterfall Way, Ebor Falls is scientifically proven to improve your Instagram feed. This 100 metre beauty will score you 300 points (and 200 likes guaranteed).

    📍 Ebor Falls

  • Seal spotting on Montague Island

      @thurstonphoto, 2017

    Montague Island Nature Reserve

    Montague Island

    250 Points

    1 Check Ins

    Avast, me hearties! Every adventure needs an island. This one gets our seal of approval.

    📍 Montague Island

  • Dorrigo Skywalk Lookout

      Branden Bodman, 2017

    Dorrigo National Park

    Dorrigo Skywalk

    200 Points

    11 Check Ins

    Experience an epic vista from the canopy top.
    Inhale high quality Ofreshly prepared by this World Heritage listed rainforest.

    📍 Dorrigo Rainforest Centre

  • Tomaree Head Lookout

      @seanpointing, 2017

    Tomaree National Park

    Tomaree Head Lookout

    150 Points

    12 Check Ins

    The volcanoes may be gone but it's still 🔥
    Sunrises, sunsets and many steps.

    📍 Tomaree Mountain

  • Lockleys Pylon

      @hikeandseek, 2018

    Blue Mountains National Park

    Lockleys Pylon

    100 Points

    24 Check Ins

    Lock in Lockelys for a different perspective of the Grose Valley (definitely not Gross Valley).
    Take a 4x4 to the trail head so you blow your mind, not your car's suspension.

    📍 Lockleys Pylon

  • Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse

      @hwangdah, 2018

    Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

    Barrenjoey Lighthouse

    50 Points

    18 Check Ins

    It may only be number 10 on our list but it's still a banger.
    Earn 50 points, experience 360 deg views and maybe a whale or two.

    📍 Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse


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